When You Make Peace with Your Past,

You Step Into Healthier and More Fulfilling Relationships 


A 13-Week Online Group Coaching Program

Heal From Heartache    | Make Peace With Your Past |    Ignite Greater Love

Transform All of Your Relationships – Especially the One with Yourself!

If you’re tired of repeating the same patterns, living with heartache or feeling like you can’t move past the pain of loss, Healing Your Heart Coaching can help you heal and rediscover a life filled with love. Helping you break the behaviors of the past and develop a deeper level of trust and intimacy with yourself and others, we’ll show you how to truly transform every relationship in your life!

This unparalleled program can truly show you what it means to fully love yourself and others without ever compromising yourself in the process.

We’ll carefully guide you to release your feelings of resentment, fear, blame and anger so you can safely find the deep connection and love you’ve been craving. You’ll also learn how to find the lessons and gifts of your past relationships so that you can make new choices aligned with what you most want.

Navigate every relationship with ease, whether that’s with a parent, child, boss, friend, partner, family member or other.

Don’t wait another moment to heal and open up to the love and connection that leads to healthy relationships in every area of your life.

I am much more aware of my part in everything that's occurring in my life and that my thoughts, beliefs and actions control my experience. I feel empowered and much more powerful! I highly recommend Healing Your Heart Coaching. It's the most transformative work I've ever done.

Healing Your Heart provided me with a way to heal my heart from my divorce, my parents and all other relationships in my life I was struggling with, and, most of all, my relationship with myself. It is a beautiful process. After 30 years of seeking healing, my heart is now healed and whole. I encourage anyone, with any issue, to jump in; this coaching is a miracle.

Healing Your Heart has taken me from a deep well of despair, faithlessness, anger, resignation, resentment, and dread to a bright place filled with hope, love, faith, trust, willingness and openness.

What’s Involved?

When you enroll in the Healing Your Heart Coaching Program, you’ll be invited to 13 live group coaching sessions with world-renowned coach and bestselling author Kelley Kosow. With instruction on key concepts, sharing, guided internal processes that allow you to safely connect with your emotions and pain, you’ll be fully supported to release past behaviors and patterns so that you can truly heal. With recorded coaching sessions, worksheets, coaching assignments, an accountability buddy, and support and feedback from a coach mentor each week, this program is about creating the love you desire.

  • Make peace with past relationships and use them to grow
  • Free yourself of pain, anger, resentment or other sabotaging emotions
  • Ignite greater sexuality, intimacy and love in your personal relationships
  • Discover how to stop picking the “same” partner and make new choices
  • Understand how to trust yourself and put your desires first

Based on Debbie Ford’s books, Spiritual Divorce and The Right Questions, Healing Your Heart Coaching can help you truly open your heart. And even if that sounds scary, we promise to remain your partners in transformation throughout this process, so that no matter what pain or emotions you experience, you’ll have the confidence to get through to the other side.

Begin to build healthy relationships in every area of your life today!

When I began this coaching, the events of my past weighed on me like a 1000-pound anchor. I couldn't imagine living without the shame of my past. While working through the spiritual laws, I accepted my circumstances and surrendered control of them, opened myself to be guided by the divine, and took responsibility for my world.

This coaching process opened up a whole new way of life for me in my relationship with my husband. I am able to accept him as he is, I feel deeper in love with him than ever before. I have dropped many of my resentments and judgments of him and myself.

This work enabled me to make empowering choices and forgive myself and those who have hurt me in the past, leaving me free of shame and regret. I'm no longer a victim of my past. I stand firmly in the present and make powerful choices to create the life I desire.

Your Investment In Yourself




Regular Price: $1,199




Regular Price: $425/month

Monthly installments are charged automatically every 30 days.

As a result of Healing Your Heart Coaching, I have found forgiveness and acceptance with two relationships I assumed I could never heal - my ex-husband and my father. I had resigned myself to the belief that these were burdens I would have to live with forever. No other therapy, workshop, coaching, or even spiritual work had helped me heal those wounds as thoroughly and lovingly as the Healing Your Heart program.

This work has been a life-changing, life-altering experience for me! As a result of my divorce after 40 years of marriage, I was frozen with fear as I faced the unexpected future that I was suddenly faced with managing. As a result of the powerful work I've been led and supported to do, I now see the blessings of the past decades and have a newfound belief that I can and I WILL create a future that allows me to become the person God created me to become.

I did not realize how bitter and hardened I was from my breakup that I thought I had already processed. This coaching helped me see my part in the demise of my relationship. I had been mostly blaming him. I saw all the gifts he gave me, I wrote him another letter and owned my part. I finally feel at peace and can send him love freely. And I have accepted that I am alone, and that's okay.

About Your Guide

Kelley Kosow is the bestselling author of The Integrity Advantage, a transformational teacher, motivational speaker, and the Chief Executive Officer of the highly acclaimed Ford Institute. She continues the legacy of the New York Times bestselling author and thought leader, the late Debbie Ford, and leads the development and teachings of The Ford Institute’s transformational programs to thousands of people across the globe.

Known as a “kick-ass coach” to high-level executives, change makers, and celebrities committed to personal transformation, Kelley blends her quick wit, laser sharp insight, and relentless compassion to help people upgrade their lives on a cellular level. Throughout her impressive career as a successful lawyer turned personal growth super star, she has been featured in Oprah Magazine as someone who could “Dream it, Do it,” as well as In Style, People, Working Mother, Latina, NY Times, Conde Nast Traveler, and LA Times. Kelley has also appeared on “The Balancing Act” and Better.tv.

Kelley is amazing. She nas a beautiful balance in being vulnerable, authentic, and compassionate in sharing her own journey yet has great boundaries in holding students accountable and responsible for their thoughts, words, and actions. Master Coach indeed. 

Kelley Kosow has immersed herself in the work of Debbie Ford very deeply and carries on a beautiful legacy. She lovingly shares her vulnerability while maintaining great integrity as she skillfully guides others toward an inexplicable fullness of life that can only be attained through this integrative work.

Kelley Kosow is a strong, smart, successful and compassionate woman with a goal of inspiration that she meets and surpasses so many areas. She is calls it like she sees it; I love her tenacity and desire to help others overcome their limitations. Kelley walks the walk and talks the talk.



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